Open Source Solutions

Open Source Solutions

With today’s ubiquitous web and mobile access, customers (both internal and external) expect real-time results and transactions. The online integration between content platforms and back-office systems needs to be tight. The pressure from markets and sales for bringing new web solutions online is ever increasing. Therefore it’s more unlikely than ever before that any “out-of the box” proprietary web content solution will fit instantly in your environment and meet every requirement.

Open source was born in an effort to make technology more collaborative, affordable and available to all – and it comes with the mindset to advance beyond the limitations of proprietary technology. It has rapidly moved up the so-called “software stack” over the last decade. Open source projects focusing on lower ends of the stack such as operating systems are more and more focusing at the top of the stack: applications software for whole corporate departments or functions.

We empower enterprises to drive down the costs and be more competitive by leveraging the (r) evolutionary elements of open source:

  • Low cost, hence lower cost of ownership and infinitely scalable distribution of the software through the Internet.
  • Extensibility and Security- Transparent access to the source code to extend or alter the software to endow business specific services and offerings and hence reduce dependency on commercial packaged software.
  • Eliminate product dependencies and vendor lock-ins.
  • Reduced License costs with lower support and maintenance costs.
  • Interoperability and connectivity with existing infrastructure and platforms.
  • Collaborative development process across time zones and geographies, by loosely connected development teams.
  • Quality-of-Service and security of professional support with enormous flexibility to adapt to changing business needs.
  • Deliver systems faster with rich security layers to protect the system from hackers.
  • Constant development and multi –contributors.

At Sveltoz we provide ideal Open source solutions across Business solutions, Application development and Infrastructure and operating systems – CRM, ERP and ecommerce, Analytics, Reporting and Data warehousing, Knowledge Management and eLearning, Databases and file systems, Application servers, Portal servers, Programming languages, Frameworks, Development and test environments, Business process and workflow management ,Middleware and enterprise integration , SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), Rules engines, ETL, data management and transformation, Graphical user interfaces ,Security, Web servers.