Microsoft Solutions

Microsoft Solutions

Surveys of organizations of all sizes and across industries show IT leaders seeking effective strategies for:

  • Improving the ability for people to innovate and improve their organization.
  • Developing business intelligence, including reporting, analytics, and data mining of data from disparate sources to enhance decision making.
  • Mitigating risk and maintaining IT governance—policy, standards, compliance and security.
  • Integrating new IT technologies with existing investments.
  • Getting the most from a portfolio of packaged and custom-developed applications.
  • Gaining the agility to rapidly respond to market needs and opportunities with reliable, secure, manageable, and economical software platform.
  • Test driven approach and extensible, light weight, pluggable framework.

The Microsoft Dynamic Application Platform with the integrated set of operating systems, servers, applications, and development tools enables organizations to achieve all of these strategies in developing and deploying world-class enterprise solutions.

At Sveltoz we provide comprehensive suite of Microsoft solutions using various Microsoft technologies including the Microsoft .NET MVC Framework, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Windows Server, and using the platform to create and deploy Software + Services.

With our renowned skills in Microsoft solutions we help customers build:

Business Integrations and SOA: The tight integrity and platform level interoperability feature of.NET framework simplifies the creation and deployment of service enabled solutions that deliver rapid business goals.

Business web applications: We build rich Web 2.0 media experience and interactive applications across different browsers and operating systems using Silver light that enables to do so with existing Microsoft .NET skills and development tools.

The extensive features of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server are used to build portal interfaces with document management; indexed search functionality, navigation features, RSS support, as well as social networking capabilities such as wikis and blogs for helping people connect and collaborate

Business Intelligence: The deep analytical capabilities, reporting, complex calculation, integration and data mining features of SQL Server are used to develop trends, patterns, KPI’s and predictive models in your large volume of data sourced from multiple data sources and operational systems including SAP, Siebel, Oracle, IBM and other systems with more intuitiveness and speed.

Application life cycle management: Develop, design and test robust, secure and scalable applications using tightly integrated software development tools provided by Microsoft Visual Studio.

Multiple technology support: We utilize the multi technology support feature of Microsoft to enhance your applications using skills and technologies that best fits your existing applications such as Java, Node.js, PHP, Python, Ruby for server development and .NET, HTML5/JavaScript, C++ for client development, with additional support to build flexible service development using REST approaches, OData and JSON.

Mobile apps: We build and deploy modern cross platform web and mobile applications using the feature of Microsoft Azure App service that supports broadest selection of operating systems, programming languages, frameworks, tools, databases and devices.