Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

In this rapidly changing world, consumers are demanding quicker more efficient service from businesses. To stay competitive companies must meet or exceed the expectations of consumers. Companies will have to rely more heavily on their business intelligence systems to stay ahead of trends and future events.

Innovation in data storage technology is now significantly outpacing progress in computer processing power, heralding a new era for real- time BI to respond quickly to changes in financial conditions, customer preferences, and supply chain operations.

We offer a complete suite of analytic BI applications, tools and data models that enable organizations to tap into the virtual treasure trove of information. These tools provide easy access to corporate and enterprise wide data and convert that data into useful and actionable information that is consistent across the organization—one coherent version of the truth.

We consequently help companies to learn from the past and forecast the future and help them attain the goal called ‘right access to information quickly’ to make operational decisions. Henceforth transform their transaction-oriented information systems to analytically oriented systems that can revolutionize the ability to rediscover using the Key performance indicators (KPIs) to assess the present state of business and decide a course of action.

Business Intelligence at SSPL is achieved by the virtue of several software for Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL), data warehousing, database query and reporting, multidimensional/on-line analytical processing (OLAP) data analysis, data mining and visualization considering the technical aspects that comprises security aspects, data volume ,data retention period and performance targets.

Every stage / step of BI ensures natural flow of real time data, from genesis to action and fully exploit the data to provide them the valuable information in the same fashion as they monitor stock quotes online.

We also enable the BI systems auto-initiate actions to systems based on rules and context to support several business processes. These analytical systems derive insight from the wealth of data available, delivering information that’s conclusive, fact- based, and actionable and thus reveal:

  • The position of the firm as in comparison to its competitors
  • Changes in customer behavior and spending patterns
  • The capabilities of the firm
  • Market conditions, future trends, demographic and economic information
  • The social, regulatory, and political environment
  • What the other firms in the market are doing