Mobile Solutions

Mobile Solutions

With over 1 billion smartphones in the world, consumers are spending more time with mobile apps than on personal computers. Mobile is the new hotspot for being social. Businesses are beginning to understand that having a Facebook page is not enough anymore, and they need to connect with consumers in a new way.

Taking advantage of social interactions used to be difficult and baffling for businesses. With the rise of mobile apps, businesses are now able to take more control of social media through their own app and interact with customers in a whole new way. Hence make it easy for businesses and consumers to interact anywhere and anytime.

By having a mobile app, businesses get placed in the consumer’s pocket and are with them all the time.

Apart from business consumers, the common audience is increasingly using smartphones to purchase, pay, play, work, learn and communicate. Consumers are switching from desktop to mobile and from browsers to apps.

Our Mobile application development team is equipped with colossal skills to create, develop and launch latest mobile applications on all major platforms including iOS, Android, Windows and associated server technologies. We have been repetitively demonstrating the ability to deliver operational efficiency and use mobility to help you develop a competitive advantage.

We deem over the end user experience, cross platform support, total cost of ownership, development flexibility in regard to right platforms, integration with proprietary back end systems, mobile data security, time to market, during mobile - strategy consultation, application design and development and comprehensive testing and maintenance.

We help you to select the best mobile platform for your business needs to benefit your business with:

  • Mobile integration with core business processes.
  • Maximization of social media investment with automatic linking to your Facebook and Twitter accounts and distinguish your business from the competition.
  • Cost savings by leveraging the current website investment through increased visits by app holders and gain greater profitability and early ROI.
  • Productivity gains, cost reduction, sales performance, customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction.
  • Improved user experience by providing users a new way to interact with their product or service and allow the consumers to share info with their friends.
  • Better communication and engagement with consumers or potential customers.
  • Easy database collection and lead generation about end users interests to develop new products.
  • Opportunity to offer discounts and coupons via the app
  • GPS capabilities, QR code options, podcasts, Youtube channel and voice message recording capabilities
  • Create new markets or new products to sell to the current market.
  • Build brand and recognition and hence create customer loyalty.
  • Easily readable content designed to fit the screen on phones.