Sveltoz Solutions is a leading firm endowing excellence in expedient budget friendly IT services. Our eminent skilled professionals enable your business an edge over others and keep you ahead in today’s nimble enterprise by offering innovative business and technology services with greater customer satisfaction. We are well positioned to be a partner and co innovator to businesses in their transformation journey, identification of new growth opportunities and facilitate their foray into new sectors and markets. We help you meet your ideas in reality and bring your applications to life.

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Our Offerings

Converge your business with our comprehensive services.

With our ever mounting client base, we deliver customer centric unrivalled intangible future proof end to end IT services encompassing innovative thinking and radical conceptualization to revamp your business operations.

Our IT offerings provide highest quality enterprise solutions with greater control of service levels and performance. We package together all the potential dimensions of services, people, processes, technology, and information required to enable a business outcome.



Agile Project Development

With an affluent experience of over 540 agile projects, we unearth people, process and product improvements through a rigorous focus on continual improvement and hence find a way to develop better software and chase perfection to attain excellence in software services.

We work on core principle of agile, at a stable velocity and sustainable pace, which in turn enable us to deliver quality services at a constant pace and help customers to deal with business dynamics, as opposed to working sporadically with over-planning.


Internet Back Up & Fast Connection

A Solid Infrastructure is the Backbone of Innovation. It allows business to focus on their core processes and not be concerned of mismanaged services or loss of data.

We own a cogent infrastructure with high configuration computers connected with uninterrupted high speed internet.


Years of Experienced Members

The sooner you fall behind, the more time you'll need to catch up." So it's time to start getting ahead!. Experience is something you don’t get until just after you need it.

There are few things more valuable to an entrepreneur than being able to call upon experience to make decisions. We have an eminent team of highly experienced professionals in client – business and technology management to help you know how to deal with difficult predicaments and proficiency to make a right call to help customers transform their business.

Our technologies

Augment your technology-enabled business transformation services with our in vogue technology offerings.

We help our customers assertively tackle technology-related judgments and ensure agile and effective operating models, equipping them to perforate the clamor of fleeting technology trends to create enduring results.

Our eminent skilled professionals leverage both the traditional platforms and next generation technologies to transform every idea into valuable and extensible solutions in a dynamic environment.

Bringing together a trivial amount of cross-sector technology and innovation experience, our team offers the right expertise to help you develop the products and services that are essential for growth in a highly competitive economy.



One idea does not fit all.

Transform every idea into wieldy and functional solution that fits into customer’s strategies and budget.


Define a new dimension to software services by eliminating the impediments in producing efficient and eternal software.

Quality Policy

Achieve customer satisfaction, gain their confidence, and shorten sales cycles with quality assurance.

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A Quick Glance at about us

At Sveltoz we believe to do things in a way that hasn’t been done yet by implementing every idea into reality and hence offer innovative software solutions to our clients with zest of affordability.

We hold a proven experience in intellectually driving intricate product and software development across multiple domains in trend.