Product Engineering

Product Engineering

With the latest trends and pace at which products are being launched to market, we need industries / organizations to have a blend of innovation and faster time to market strategies.

Today, the question is not: “What can my product support?” It is: “What does my customer expect?” Changing standards, applications and infrastructure translates into constant pressure to be both future-ready and backward-compatible. Our end-to-end product engineering services that combine technological expertise, advanced processes and rigorous quality enable our customers to accelerate the delivery of their products and services on the cutting edge of innovation with reduced costs and risks.

Today’s marketplace has steep challenges to overcome: shortened profitability windows, pressure to differentiate on quality as well as feature innovation, and maintaining margins in the face of pricing constraints. We help companies address these obstacles.

With comprehensive engineering services that span the entire product lifecycle, Sveltoz is here to solve your biggest challenges so you can realize your biggest dreams.

Our engineers use their extensive knowledge in communication technologies, user behavior, connected devices, mobile applications to translate emerging trends and technologies into viable products, services and revenue opportunities.

We can take on responsibility for maintenance and support of a product or even an entire line, helping you free up internal resources to focus on new strategic initiatives.

State-of-the-art testing is vital to ensuring the commercial success of new products, including the need to balance future compatibility with new ecosystem elements while retaining legacy compatibility. We have testing expertise across communication infrastructure, devices and application software.

The convergence of social, mobile, analytics and cloud technologies has opened up new paths to increased productivity, profitability and customer loyalty. Our engineers are helping companies develop a systematic approach to these trends including cloud management, mobile application development

A dedicated team at Sveltoz manages technology transformations, mobile computing, cloud computing and help you transform ideas into innovation and embed rich features into your products in seamless manner. Our rapid prototyping methodologies will help you visualize and feel your product more accurately.

User-friendly, high-performance mobile applications. With frequent new device launches and operating system upgrades, it has become time-consuming and expensive for enterprises to deploy, sustain and enhance their mobile applications. Our engineers incorporate user experience-design into application development, creating applications across iOS, Android and Windows built for maximum reuse, localization and portability.