Sveltoz - Delivery Methodology

Delivery Methodology

Our success in consistently delivering quality projects and exceeding customer expectations is due in large part to our project delivery methodology, to our skilled team.

At SSPL we stand apart by appending the various delivery methodologies - Waterfall, Sprint, and the in-thing Agile with the below facets:

Feasibility: The requirements are assessed comprehensively to assure both technical and functional feasibility at the very earlier stage to avoid rescindment during advanced stages of life cycle. Thus ensure a delivery as promised.

Ideation: The pre engagement phase is not just confined to assess the requirements shared by customer. We go an extra mile by suggesting new business proposals based on customer’s business trends and technical proposals to upgrade their infrastructure / framework to match the latest technology drifts.

Identify an area of opportunity: Avoid using the word "problem". We identify the areas of improvement, existing loop holes and seek the problem as an opportunity to initiate improvement in customer operations.

First time right approach: We be certain of doing things right at the very first iteration. Hence avoid rework and achieve faster deliveries.

Shift left: We sternly follow “Shift Left” as it focuses on quality earlier in the process. We employ Quality management systems, quality assurance, auditing and procedural documentation writing CMMI, Six Sigma.

Performance: We emphasize the application delivery with lightning quick response times, 24x7 availability, and seamless access from multiple locations and have bullet-proof enterprise network security. Our holistic performance improvement approach help clients to achieve rapid and sustainable results

Knowledge Management: We employ effective knowledge management methodologies during each stage of project life cycle by considering the technology, people, process, organization structure and culture to streamline operations and improve processes.

Customer feedback: As the applications are developed incrementally, we seek customer’s feedback, improvements. These incremental improvements are recorded and fed to the business processes to make the entire process more effective

Keep the customer updated about project status at intermediate stages and ensure a quick response and turn around to the reported defects.