Sveltoz - Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management

Managers are bombarded with an almost constant stream of data every day.

“Scientists have worked out exactly how much data is sent to a typical person in the course of a year – the equivalent of every person in the world reading 174 newspapers every single day”

This overload of data is making knowledge management increasingly more important.

Companies lose lump sum amount by failing to share knowledge”. By proactively implementing knowledge management systems, companies can re-write the old saying, “Change is inevitable, growth is optional” to “Change is inevitable, growth is intentional.”

At SSPL we employ effective knowledge management methodologies by considering the technology, people, process, organization structure and culture to streamline operations and improve processes.

Our knowledge management programs help our team embrace change and encourage ideas and insight, leading to innovation, for business owners. It helps us improve operational efficiency/effectiveness, deliver better customer service, improved innovation, improved company growth, analyze trends, assess markets, benchmark against peers, understand competition, create new offerings and plan strategies.

Key focus areas of our knowledge management:

  • Increase staff productivity, product and service quality
  • Achieve deliverable consistency
  • Enable better and faster decision making
  • Showing customers how knowledge is used for their benefit
  • Accelerating delivery to customers
  • Easier access to relevant information and resources
  • Reuse ideas, documents, and expertise
  • Avoid redundant effort - By not spending time reinventing the wheel, we can have more time to invent something new
  • Avoiding making the same mistakes twice - "Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it." Knowledge management allows us to share lessons learned, not only about successes, but also about failures
  • Take advantage of existing expertise and experience
  • Promoting standards, repeatable processes and procedures
  • Providing methods, tools, templates, techniques, and examples
  • Making the organization's best problem-solving experiences reusable
  • Stimulating innovation and growth